Teeemato anyone?


Today is going to be a tomato kind of day, or as Sarajane would say Teeemato.    I think I might try this recipe here to use up this beautiful bowl of cupid grapes.  I also need to process the loads of tomatoes filling up the windowsills and baskets in my kitchen.   My husband is threatening to help me process the tomatoes, which means I better get in there and get it done.    We are going to make a big pot of tomato sauce and freeze most of it.  I LOVE, let me say again, LOVE when I can pull out a bag of tomato sauce from the freezer.  There seriously is nothing better than homemade tomato sauce with tomatoes from your own garden.

P.S. Did you know John Denver sang a love song to tomatoes?  You can find the lyrics here.


I’m not Snow White, but my husband thinks I am!

I'm not Snow White, but my husband thinks I am!

Pale white skin..check, dark hair…..check, ruby red lips….forgot to apply my red lipstick that day. That’s okay, he can call me snow white anyday. This is my very first blog post ever! So, I thought I’d introduce myself and my sweet hubby. I’m Jen (aka snow white) and this is my sweet man (sometimes called Freedom) hence my blog name, Freedomschick.